How we respond to life’s stress is a huge indicator of our happiness. Notice the indicator is not, having no stress, but how you deal with the stress you have (and the future stress you will have, because that’s how life goes).

Stress Ball

Some of us tend to be over responders, we can rev our internal engines too high. We might tend toward reactivity, moving to attack or defend in the face of small and large stressors alike. Sometimes, something as small as a typo in an email we just sent can set off a fairly large stress reaction. Other times, running a little late to drop off the kids, or meet a friend, can trigger a reactive chain of mental and physical events that leads to ongoing stress. Sometimes stress reactions can pile up and, as the saying goes, there might be a straw or two that breaks the camel’s back.

Others of us might tend to be under responders, we can rev our internal engines too low. We might tend toward non-responsiveness, or not really noticing much of what is going on inside of us and around us. We can loose details and find ourselves in the same jam over and over without understanding what is contributing to it. Perhaps we don’t register the stream of comments from our supervisor, and feel blind sided when we are given a critical review. Or perhaps we just feel out of it, or isolated, or checked out. This can also lead to stress, a kind of stress that is lurking below the surface and might unexpectedly explode when it is least expected (or wanted).

Mindfulness helps us find our sweet spot, our center, or balance point between over responding and under responding. In our sweet spot, we handle the stress rather than moving into combat (over responding) or collapse (under responding). Mindfulness not only helps us navigate toward our sweet spot but it also helps us understand more about our current set point. Maybe you already know where you are on the continuum of responding and could use a little help getting closer to center, or maybe you need to start with the question, “How do I respond to stress? Do I tend toward over or under responding?”

Mindfulness support helps with just these questions and challenges. Let’s get started right away, your health is worth it. In our phone or Skype sessions you’ll be able to determine your current set point and develop a plan to get you to your sweet spot.

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