Somatic Therapy

“My work with Rebekkah has deeply helped me heal in ways that other therapies I’ve tried have not.”

– Former client

“Rebekkah has been a major positive influence in my life.”

– Former client

Rebekkah is an extraordinary and gifted counselor.

– Former client

Rebekkah’s intuition, kindness, and humor have given me a safe place to heal.

– Former client

Somatic therapy 

restores ease in your mind and body

Don’t let any more time go by living out the same old unwanted patterns

We all accumulate body-mind imprints throughout our lifetime. Particularly deep and lasting imprints set in during undersupported, overwhelming, and unwanted life events and traumas. These cognitive and somatic imprints become like emotional and mental maps that our body and brain unconsciously follow.  These maps can dictate how we react to stress for years to come.

Lasting imprints can pull us down the same reactive roads over and over, even when current-day situations only slightly echo memories from the past. When these automatic cognitive and somatic reactions take over, we can be trapped in the all too familiar fears, pain, and overwhelm that were imprinted years before. Anxiety, insomnia, digestive upset, fatigue, migraines, foggy-headedness, loneliness, as well as relational challenges and social discomfort are just a few of the symptoms related to these somatic imprints and imbalances.

Your imprints and imbalances can continue to get in the way for years unless you change the way they function in your mind and body. Rebekkah’s work with you will deeply and yet gently address these imprints, helping to change the way they function in you. Somatic therapy rewires your brain and reconfigures your somatic maps so that you can finally leave behind the old pull toward dis-ease and instead navigate toward pathways of wellness, vitality, and relief.

Why Somatic Therapy?

The integrative skills that Rebekkah teaches promote mind-body equilibrium and lasting self-regulation

With Somatic Therapy, maladaptive reactivity will lessen and even resolve so that you can live into your current day experiences unburdened, present, and authentically youBy looking at your evolutionary brain’s responses to stress, and better understanding your own involuntary reactions, we then take steps that create lasting rewiring of those reactions. With Rebekkah’s support, you can soothe your fear-driven brain and cultivate responses that better serve you and your life.  You can actually reset your mind-body system and stop the incessant worry, anxiety, tension, disconnection, pain and other symptoms of long-lasting dysregulation. Somatic Therapy sessions can help you heal your mind-body dysregulation.

This is not a one size fits all approach, Rebekkah’s training in mind-body medicine gives her the skills needed to assess how best to support you in your unique circumstances.

Online sessions make receiving support easier. Bring wellness to you wherever you are. In your somatic therapy sessions, you will have the chance to talk and be heard, explore and understand, and make lasting shifts.