I hope my new article on Medium helps you gain some tools to get through this stage of the pandemic. We need all the help we can get!

Pandemic fatigue is on the evening news, it infuses the moods of my Covid bubble buddies, and it’s easy to spot on the masked faces I pass on the sidewalk or the store. I’m hearing this from clients, colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors. Many of us are hitting a wall at this point in the pandemic, and it makes perfect sense that people are looking for a way out. It’s coming to my attention — possibly yours too — that our familiar standbys are falling short for pandemic-coping. While a lot of us have turned to excessive zoom-socializing or T.V watching to cope, many are working to excess, shopping to excess, or drinking to excess — each of those three activities can be followed by “oholism” for a reason — they pose a threat to our health and wellbeing. But even seemly healthy choices like cleaning and exercising can become destructive….continue reading on Medium