Wellness Retreat 2016 – Whidbey Island


Women’s Weekend to Center and Rejuvenate

Brain, Body, Balance – Wellness for the whole you

Dates for 2017 TBD

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This retreat begins Friday afternoon at 4:00.
Give yourself time and space to invest in self-understanding and self-care.
Your three-day retreat ends Sunday at 1:00.


First, complete the registration form and submit, then make your online payment below.  All answers are confidential and will be read only by your instructor.

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Step 2: Select Room & Make Payment

Select a room from the table below.  Choose either 2 nights or 3 nights stay.

The retreat center provides for many delightful sleeping accommodations. Rooms are quaintly decorated and have shared bathroom facilities.  The rustic cabins have detached bathroom a short distance away.  It is best if you arrange your own roommate. You may pair with a roommate on request if possible.

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You can choose a lovely room in the Lodge below.

Room Beds 2 Nights
White Pine 1 – Queen
Vine Maple 1 – Single
Plum 1 – Single
Apple 1 – Single
Madrone 2 – Singles
Locust 2 – Singles
Dogwood 2 – Singles


Room Beds 2 Nights
Eagle 2 – Singles
Coyote 2 – Singles
Salmon 2 – Singles
Raven 2 – Singles
Hawk 5 – Singles

Rustic Cabins

Room Beds 2 Nights
Mushroom 1 – Single
Hermitage 1 – Single


Room Beds 2 Nights
Own Tent & Commuters Per Person


Brain, Body, Balance

Not that much about us humans has changed, on an essential level, since we lived in caves among the wild beasts.  How can we best care for our neanderthal body-mind in modern times?

Rebekkah has researched the most current and most effective practices for wellness. This weekend retreat will be a journey into what restores your inner balance and equilibrium.

Each day you will be guided through deeply replenishing practices to enjoy while you’re on Whidbey Island and also to take home with you for ongoing well-being.  Combining body and mind practices such as meditation, rhythmical breathing, yoga, and essential information about your evolutionary brain and body, this weekend is sure to delight and rejuvenate you.

Enjoy the quiet of meditation, the connection of community and the vitality of mindful movement. All your basic need will be taken care of so you can just relax and attend to your mind, heart, and body. Comfortable lodging, delicious meals, and breathtaking natural scenery await you.

The weekend is a skillfully woven together series of inner explorations; meditation, talks on mindfulness, yoga, silent periods, journaling, walks in nature and outer connection; small group discussions, social hikes, laughing, and connecting with new friends.  Throughout each day you will have plenty of options for stillness or activity, socializing or alone time, nature and abundant healthy food.  Come and relax deeply and discover what truly nourishes your spirit.

Click on room price to select and pay

What people are saying about Rebekkah’s retreats:

” I feel a profound sense of peace and timelessness when I enter the retreat on Whidbey Island. It is a rare sanctuary where one feels nourished by the natural environment, the exquisite food and the sincerity of the people. Rebekkah creates an environment that fosters deep inner reflection and supports one to develop a personal Mindfulness practice that translates to everyday life. It is a truly transformative experience that resonates. The retreat is the highlight of my year.”

-Retreat Participant

“I have attended a number of Rebekkah’s mindfulness and yoga retreats since 2006. This retreat is the most nourishing thing I do for myself all year. It is a gift I give to myself. Rebekkah offers valuable wisdom that is grounded in day to day living and born of work she has done as a mindfulness practitioner over many years. I have gained so much from the mindfulness practice I have learned on these retreats. Rebekkah is thoughtful in her planning and there is both a time to be quiet and alone and opportunity to connect with good people in fun and meaningful ways.

The retreat center on Whidbey Island is beautiful. There is wonderful and healthy food and it’s easy to walk and hike. There are many trails through lush and lovely woods. My body, heart, and mind all are stretched in good ways and receive good care during these retreats.  I feel so fortunate to be able to attend Rebekkah’s retreats.”

-Retreat Participant

“I have benefited from and come to depend upon Rebekkah’s retreats for over six years.  They have become a very necessary touchstone for each year and an opportunity to add to the foundation of my spiritual life. Rebekkah designs the program to provide the perfect balance of inquiry, solitude, and community.  There is space provided to gain additional insight or just “be.”  The movement through yoga is an opportunity to more fully integrate the spiritual and emotional work. Her gentle leadership and beautiful open heart provide a safe place to explore a deeper understanding of myself and others.  So grateful for these retreats.”

-Retreat Participant

Questions? Please contact:  info@rebekkahladyne.com or 415.939.7937

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