October 19, 2013 Family Class Registration

POSTPONED – October 19th Family Mindfulness Class

Please check again soon for future events for your family.

A day of mindfulness with your children and your homeschool community.

Rebekkah LaDyne teaches mindfulness, meditation and movement classes that are engaging and helpful. Learning and practicing mindfulness with Rebekkah feels like you’re talking to someone who “gets you.”  She knows what it is like to bring mindfulness into everyday real life ups and downs because she has been doing just that for the last fifteen years in her own life. As a mother of two she practices and teaches family mindfulness that applies to, “where the rubber meets the road.”

Rebekkah also loves to bring lightness and laughter to her teaching and encourages all to join in.


First complete the registration form and submit, then make your online payment below.  All answers are confidential and will be read only by your instructors.

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Questions? Please contact:  info@rebekkahladyne.com or 415.939.7937

Also see the blog and tools tab for home practice CD’s, podcast and mindfulness articles.