About Rebekkah’s Mindfulness Practice

I love mindfulness practice! It has truly changed my life… for the better. I try to bring mindfulness to everything I do. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. And yet this too is all part of mindfulness, noticing when I’m not being mindful… ahh that is the moment of coming back… and starting again, and again and again…

Sometimes when I discuss mindfulness with others it sounds like mindfulness, when viewed through a certain lens, becomes synonymous with being “better” or different or that somehow we will be “fixed” by mindfulness.

Instead of using mindfulness practice to leave my life I want mindfulness to bring me more fully into the real life that I lead and be the person I am. I want to “be here” for it all.

Instead of living a life that has two columns, “supposed to’s”(meditate all the time, be wise all the time, constantly patient and …) and “not supposed to‘s” (never surf YouTube, and never eat too much cake, never get frustrated with my children). I want to live a full real life.

We can use mindfulness to be present for, experience and truly enjoy our real life as it is happening.

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