The Mind-Body Stress Reset

“One of those rare books that is much, much better than it needed to be.” —Kathy Kain, PhD

“This book is equally valuable for new therapists, accomplished ones, and to all of those seeking inner balance and wholeness.” —Peter A. Levine, PhD

“Like a good friend who knows the territory through personal experience, Rebekkah shows you that you have everything you need for well-being right inside of you.” —James Baraz, MA

The Mind Body Stress Reset book cover


In our busy, get-it-done-now, high-expectation culture, stress has become the new normal—a normal that’s embedding itself into our minds and our bodies. If left unchecked, stress can dictate how you think, how you feel, and how you act.  For too many of us, anxiety and overwhelm are nearly daily experiences, while malaise and unease are standard as well. Over time, these stress-reactions can become mind-body habits, leaving us stuck in a rut of stress. So, how can you soothe stress before it becomes your mind-body go to?

In this supportive, lightly-humorous, and uplifting guide, you’ll learn powerful and effective tools for repairing the stress-ruts in your mind and body.  Based on the innovative Mind-Body Reset (MBR) program, you’ll learn how to stop stress in its tracks. With these simple somatic exercises, you’ll discover how you can “reset” your nervous system, alleviate stress flare-ups, and boost your overall health and happiness. If you’re ready to combat stress, cultivate calm, and live a more vital life, it’s time for this reset!

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