“Working with the stress I store in both my body and mind has completely changed how I feel… how I am.”

“My sessions ‘re-wire’ my body also, not just my brain. This has changed my life.”

“After years of ‘telling my story,’ this approach has finally gotten beneath that, to a deeper happiness.  “


With somatic counseling, your body and mind can feel like home again.

Don’t let any more time go by living out the same old unwanted patterns.

When times are hard, our minds can be like a dangerous neighborhood, and we don’t always want to go in alone. This approach brings help with you.  

Research indicates that we have imprints, or cognitive and somatic maps, that are created throughout our lifetime.  Stressful or overwhelming events can leave lasting imprints that make it hard for us to keep from traveling down the same unhelpful ‘roads’  over and over (the same reactivity, same fears, same physical pain).  Anxiety, insomnia, digestive upset, migraine headaches, and social discomfort are just a few of the symptoms related to somatic imbalances.

These imprints and imbalances can continue to get in the way for years unless you change the way they function, which is exactly what you will do with Rebekkah.

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Somatic Counseling – How your body helps your brain find wellness (2.49)

This is not a one size fits all approach, Rebekkah’s background in integrative medicine gives her the skills needed to assess how best to support you, in your unique circumstances. 

The integrative skills that Rebekkah teaches promote mind-body equilibrium and lasting self-regulation

Somatic Counseling sessions are beneficial for understanding your mind-body balances and imbalances.  By looking at your evolutionary brain’s responses to stress you can better understand your own “auto-pilot” and take steps that create lasting change.  With the support and experience of Rebekkah, you can actually re-wire your brain and stop the incessant “tape loops” from years gone by.  Via somatic counseling these “frequent visitors” will no longer interrupt your present day experiences.

Rebekkah will guide you through practices and approaches that facilitate resilience.  Your body and brain will learn to recover from the stressful events you encounter in day to day life, without falling into the same old patterns you know all too well.

Set aside a little time for yourself.  Most clients meet with Rebekkah 2 -4 times per month, online or over the phone.  With Rebekkah’s support and evidence-based approaches, clients learn essential tools for wellness, and their lives improve.

Phone or Online sessions make receiving support easier
Working online brings your wellness into your environment

Sessions consist of brief practices to foster presence and compassion, evidence-based information about your mind-body, mindful inquiry, and action steps toward your unique wellness.

Rebekkah specializes in ‘rewiring’ your brain, and mind-body regulation. Feel at home in your own skin.

45 mins = $75 – $115 60 mins = $95 -$135 75 mins = $115 – $155

Sessions via Skype or phone – working online brings your wellness into your environment.

Clients are saying: “Working individually with Rebekkah has completely changed the way I see my practice and the way I see myself.”


To delve deeply into one’s habits and make lasting changes takes time.  Consider these packages a commitment to your well-being and an investment in lasting change.  All packages include audio downloads for meditation home practice & Yoga CD for home practice.

20 sessions – online and 4 skype ½ hour on-line sessions (over 6 months)  $1650 15 sessions – online (over 4 months)  $1,300

Sliding scale available – based on need

Clients are saying: “It is not just what Rebekkah teaches but how she teaches that is so helpful to me.”

Gather with a small group and follow a supportive and effective mindfulness program. Rebekkah works with couples, friends, or mindfulness “buddies.” Having a small class (two or three people) allows for depth of experience, and the unique gift of sharing your journey to wellness. Learn from and with each other.

2 persons (prices below are split between participants) 45 mins = $85 – $125 60 mins = $105 – $145 75 mins = $125 – $165

From the comfort of your own home, connect with a community who value well-being and self-understanding as much as you do. Each class will include: guided mindfulness practice, daily life mindfulness instruction, group discussion and community connection.